Agnieszka Zawadzka

President of the Foundation
Ethnologist, trainer of psychological skills, mediator, mother of two daughters

Antoni Strzemieczny

Vice President of the Foundation
Psychologist and educator in the Youth Sociotherapy Center "SOS". He works with underprivileged youth and teaches young people skills useful for living in a multicultural society.

Tomasz Teodorczyk

Psychotherapist, supervisor, social facilitator with thirty-five years of work experience. Co-founder of the Process Oriented Psychology Academy.

Agnieszka Wróblewska


Psychologist, trainer and supervisor. He trains trainers and solves conflicts in organizations. Co-founder of the Process Oriented Psychology Academy.

Megi Bibiluri

Foundress and director of the Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi Association working for Georgian-Ossetian reconciliation. For 10 years, she has been active in the non-governmental sector and is the author of dozens of social projects.

Monika Kowalewska

Project coordinator, mentor and coach, art therapist, mediator and social facilitator. She lives and works in Sopot.

Wika Solonicyna

Trainer, coach, social activist with 20 years of experience in the subject of civic education, author of social projects. She works in Poland and in countries of the former Soviet Union.