Group process

Group of people is standing in a circle on a theater stage. They are gesticulating and discussing with a lot of excitement. It looks like an emotional meeting on an important topic. At the theatrical audience few people  are observing the whole situation.Imagine that you are in conflict with somebody or you just have a different opinion about some important issue. Or that there is a lot of tension in a group you are part of and people argue all the time. Probably you would like to talk about it in order to understand what is going on and get to know different points of view, but you have a bit of fear. You are afraid about what would be the result of this talk or meeting, you may suspect that a huge fight could emerge out of it, and people would not talk with each other anymore. You may also wonder if you are right, thinking and feeling the way you do, also whether you wouldn’t feel ashamed or ridiculed during such the meeting.
Group process is a very special kind of meeting that takes place in the presence of a specific person (we call his/her a facilitator) whose aim is to create a safe space for everybody in order to allow them to express their thoughts and feelings freely and fearlessly.
A better understanding of others’ points of view and different feelings about important issues is supposed to be the outcome of this kind of meeting. It is meant to allow everybody to talk with each other deeply and sincerely, to finally lead to a better understanding of relationships and creating community.
Last year the following group processes organized by our foundation took place:
  • July 2017. „Poland Divided” – Group process concerning the actual situation in Poland. Most of all, it was about the social tensions connected with the so called „court reforms” but the participants dealt also with deeper reasons of the division in polish society.
  • April 2018. „Who may call himself/herself the Pole?” – Group process that touched on difficult questions concerning refugee issues. It was mostly about our openness to multicultural society.
  • June 2018. „Polish  Diversity – Utopia or Direction of Development?” – Event connected with the Week of Equality organized together with the Parade of Equality.

Big group of people in a conference room. Some of them are sitting, some are standing. In the middle two groups of few people are standing in front of each other and are discussing with excitement. It looks like a debate or a kind of training.