Academy of Conflicts

Academy of Conflicts is the name of the project organized in July and August 2018 by our Foundation with our partners in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia.

All the workshops, lectures and meetings were about different aspects of social and interpersonal conflicts. Some of them were more connected with the protection of human rights during riots and sharp social conflicts based on our experiences in Ecuador. Some were more concerned with conflict resolution methods; some were more focused on the personal development of a leader. Lots of time was spent on learning about a facilitator’s skills when working with conflicts.

The participants came from different backgrounds. Most of them were regular NGO’s members, some of them were grass root leaders, and some were directors of different important social organizations. There were also participants from Democratic Schools Movement, Human Right Houses, business people, volunteers etc. The young participants starting their social work in different organizations were really important for us.

In Ukraine workshops took place in Lviv, Kiev, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and House of Human Rights near Chernihiv.
In Georgia workshops were conducted in Tbilisi and Gori.
In Armenia there was a 6 day workshop in Yerevan for the youth.
In Lviv workshops were conducted by Agnieszka Wróblewska and Tomasz Teodorczyk, all other workshops were conducted by Tomasz Teodorczyk.

Our Foundation plans further activities in these countries based on our actual partners in this region.